Skiing in Davos

Ski slope Rinnerhorn Davos
Ski slope Rinnerhorn Davos

Hi guys, I am back! After a week of vacation and a busy time before and after I was quite long away from the blog. In the meantime I was planing my next short trip to Stockholm and the next long trip to Peru! Just a month from now we are flying to Lima and there is so much yet to do – organizing hotels, booking tours. This time we are a quite big group – 8 people – and I am quite excited about it! I hope everything is going to be fine. But you can read more about planing the Peru roundtrip in one of the next posts. This one should inspire you to have fun in the snow 🙂 Here is a short report about one of my favorite holidays – skiing in Davos.

Lookout from our room
Lookout from our room

It’s cold outside this days and it’s snowing all the time. I don’t believe in climate warming any more but I believe in Ice Age in Europe! I don’t mind having snow every now and then, but only in combination with certain amount of sun. And I know there is a place where snow is combined very often with sun. 

Ski Slope Jakobshorn Davos
Ski Slope Jakobshorn Davos

This is Davos. I go there once a year with a couple of fiends for skiing. When I tell this to my colleagues they ask every time „Wow, isn’t it really expensive?“. When they hear the name Davos, the most people make an association with the winter resort of the British Royal Family. Indeed the Prince of Whales is a well-known regular guest in the Swiss city, however this is not a reason to be expensive. Off course the prices for the lift pass are not the same like on the Feldberg but they are overall affordable for a mere mortal as well. And finally you pay more but you get more also – the beautiful Swiss Alps.


View from the gondola going up to Jackobshorn
View over Davos from the gondola going up to Jakobshorn
Parsenn Weisflujoh
Parsenn Mountain Station Weissfluhjoch

In order to keep our expenses within the limit we prefer to stay at a self-catering chalet than in a hotel. We go every time to the Old Sawmill (Alte Sägerei) in Davos Claris. Meanwhile we became friends with the friendly landlords and we are excited about meeting them again every year. Spending our winter holidays on a self-catering chalet means that there is no room service and we have to prepare our breakfast on our own but this is not a real problem. The local Charly’s bakery is offering a bakery goods service with doorstep delivery, so we have fresh buns every morning. Cooking and eating together almost every day bounds our group and our friendship. The Monstein Brewery, situated in the next village, offers for the beer enthusiasts also beer supply on your doorstep as also interesting beer experiences (tours).

Alte Sägerei vacation home
Alte Sägerei vacation home
Bedroom in the Alte Sägerei
Bedroom in the Alte Sägerei

Another advantage of our vacation home is the striking distance to one of the ski lifts. Just 5 minutes walk or one bus station away is the Rinnerhorn valley station. The Rinnerhorn skiing area is featuring not only possibility for skiing but also sledging – and this is a real fun. This year we had a gorgeous weather on the day we were skiing at the Rinnerhorn – there was fresh-fallen snow from the night before and everything was sparkling. It was amazing beautiful but almost impossible to catch with the camera.


The most people go skiing in december but we are self-confessed fair-weather skier. We go to Davos in March rather at the end of the month and have some times up to 10°C plus on the slope so you can go skiing almost in a skirt and have at the end of the week sunburn. During this time of the year there are usually no school holidays so there are no lanes for the lift and no crowds around you on the slopes.


This is the greatest time in the winter for me. I like it because it’s a kind of celebration of the end of the winter – or at least it was true for the last years. Every time after our winter holidays the snow and the cold time were gone in Germany. It was like taking the sun with us home. This year it was not the case. On our last day there was a surprise – minus 22°C! It was really, really, really cold, windy and snowing!


So our best survival support was the Jagertee and any other kind of warm alcoholic beverages.


To have après-ski after a long exhausting day makes fun even more when the sun is shining and everyone meets at the valley station. The best way to round out the perfect skiing day.


I was born in the Balkan only few kilometers away from a skiing area, but I have never been skiing there in the childhood or as a teenager, because my parents does not ski. Actually I missed so much as I was a child and I have so much to catch up with.

See you!

Mrs. Bräumelova

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