Scenic Road Trip to Coromandel Town

While I was traveling I realized that I do not have enough time to prepare a really good posts for the blog if I want to experience and see as much as possible. And I was not comfortable with writing just a few words below the pictures and not telling you about all these small and beautiful things that can not be captured by the camera but are full of emotion and are making the journey so unique.

So now I am home and have all my time to put my inspiration into words.

After we landed in Auckland we took our Kea Camper and we headed for our first destination – the next super mark. After we got everything we needed for a week our next destination was the Miranda Holiday Park where we aimed to spent the night. I was surprised by the excellent conditions of all facilities. As this was my first camping experience at all I did not expected to be like in a 4 star hotel but just a plain camp site. It turned to be a nice and lovingly arranged, clean camping site with many extras – like the hot water mineral pool.

Miranda Holiday Park
Miranda Holiday Park


Here we spent a wonderful first night and were welcomed by the bright sun and singing birds the next morning.

collage3Full of energy we got up quite early and started our road trip around the Coromandel Peninsula.

This scenic route took our breath away with the blue sky, the turquoise water and the red, almost crimson flowers of the thousands and thousands Phohutukawa trees along the coast. Because of their color and the flowering time in December these threes are also called the New Zealand Christmas Trees.



After a couple of hours and many picture breaks we reached the Coromandel Town which embraced us with his cute wooden houses, tidy streets and tasty meals.


The houses, the people everything was spreading an unforgettable easy going feeling in the air.P1080959I was sad to leave but I was eager to see more of this amazing country. So we had to move forward on the road to our next destination – Whitianga.

Have fun reading!

Mrs. Bräumelova

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