Peru Round Trip 2013

Peru Round Trip 2013
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Hi guys,our Peru round trip is starting in about two weeks. We have already reservations for the most important parts of the journey like the Machu Picchu entrance. So let the journey begin!

I am very excited about it due to a couple of things. We are a quite big group – in total 8 people with quite different background. It’s the first time I travel in a group of this size for almost tree weeks. Last time I organized a short Bulgaria round trip for just a week and we were in total 10 people.

And here is the rough plan. We are flying from Amsterdam to Lima and on the same day from Lima to Arequipa – in total 18 hours flight and 7 hours time shift. In Arequipa we are staying for 6 days in total. We need this days not only to adapt to the altitude but also because we are invited to join our friends wedding ceremony. It is going to be a really big Peruvian wedding! In the meantime we are planing to do also some trips in the surrounding area. One of them is going to be the usual Colca Canyon Tour.

Out next stop is Puno. Because of the altitude of almost 4000 meters we are going to stay here only 2 days and try to use our time to see as much as possible from the amazing lake Titicaca. From Arequipa to Puno we plan to go by bus.

The next attraction is Cusco of course. There is much to see in Cusco end the surrounding area – so we want to stay for about 4 days and visit Machu Picchu but also Urubamba and the Sacred Valley. Almost all of us are comfort traveler and not backpacker so we are going to use the Peru Rail for our journey from Puno to Cusco as also for the one to Aguas Calientes.

Afterwards we are heading to the north part of Peru. A flight via Lima is going to take us to Trujillo – the capital of the everlasting Spring. This part of the country is not very touristic so I hope that we are going to spent some recreative days full of seafood treats and sunset cocktails at the pool bar. Of course we are going to visit the city of Chan Chan and the Valley of the Moche culture.

Our last day before flying back to Germany is dedicated to the capital – Lima. There is much to see but due to security reasons most of the fellow travelers are not very keen on spending long time there.

I’ll try to keep you up – to date and show you the most impressive pictures.

Stay tuned – follow me on Twitter – Instagram is coming soon also!

Mrs. Bräumelova

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2 Antworten zu „Peru Round Trip 2013“

  1. Avatar von Manuel

    Hi Iliyana

    viel Spass in Peru, auch wenn drei Wochen sehr knapp sind, um dieses schöne und vielseitige Land kennen zu lernen!
    Ich hoffe Ihr habt jemanden dabei, der spanisch spricht 😉
    Schade, dass Ihr nur einen Tag in Lima seid, sonst hätte ich jemanden organisiert, der auf Euch aufpasst 🙂

    Gruss aus Zürich

    1. Avatar von Mrs. Bräumelova

      Hi Manu,
      es ist schön von dir zu hören!
      Mein Spanisch ist praktisch nicht vorhanden aber ich hab gehört dass man auch mit Italienisch weiterkommt. Zumindest ich werde verstehen. Mein Mann spricht etwas Spanisch. Und für Lima haben wir auch jemand der auf uns aufpasst – mein Schwager heiratet dort eine Peruanerin und die sind vor Ort. Also keine Sorgen 🙂

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