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I’d like to start a new column telling you something about my home country – Bulgaria. Recently there is not much positive in the media about the country, and the most people going to Bulgaria for holidays know only the seaside – so there is definitely need to popularize also other beautiful places. Once every two weeks I’ll write a small report about a place I love in this country.

Covered with snow road

In the last five years I organized already two Bulgaria roundtrips for my German colleagues and friends and all of them were pleased to have local guide – me. But this was just a small part of my travel through the country. Since I left Bulgaria I am traveling around the country showing it to relatives and friends even more often than as I was living there – at least once or twice a year. During this trips I had the opportunity to take some really beautiful pictures which I want to share with you.

Covered with snow road– The road to our chalet

The second reason for starting this column is definitely the misleading information that I found about some Bulgarian cities and regions while browsing through tourist guides on the web. I was furious to read that an university town in Bulgaria featuring different touristic attractions was declared as a village (in German- Dorf) and having no big matter of touristic interest.

Last year I was invited with my husband to celebrate the New Years Eve in a private chalet in the Balkan. Not far away from my home town in the part of the Balkan called Beklemeto. This is quite in the middle of Bulgaria. So as it was a self-catering house we bought food and drinks for the two days stay and planed to drive there on the 31 of December. On the that day we got up in the morning and saw that we have about half a meter new snow outside, and it wa still snowing. Which means that getting in the mountain is going to be quite slippery and not very safe.


But as my husband is a kind of adventurer he decided to give it a try, even without four wheel drive. Indeed we had just a usual medium size car without snow chains. So we built a line of three cars and headed to the mountain. It became a quite nile-biting experience, but we got safe at our destination. Don’t try this at home 🙂


We had an amazing New Years Eve in a very international companionship. And on the next morning we were welcomed by the sun. It stopped snowing so we had the chance to go for a walk and some sledding. And there we took the beautiful snow-covered pictures.


Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland


Beklemeto is the name of a mountain pass but also the name of a recreation area situated near the pass, where many local people go just for a day or for their winter holidays. There are couple of hotels and hiking trails as also a small ski slope, featuring even ski rental, snowmobile rental and ski courses for beginners. The fresh snow makes this area really charming. I have it in my memories like this from my childhood.


The thing that I most love is the sun that we have in Bulgaria in the winter. After it stops snowing there is almost every time sun in the mountains. Of course there are a couple of cloudy days in the winter and especially in the capital, but not in the mountains and not like in Germany almost all days cloudy.  Bulgaria17Bulgaria14Bulgaria18Bulgaria11Bulgaria10After the exhausting snow walk we were happy to go back in the warm chalet. There we were welcomed with herbal tee from our hosts and this fluffy beauty.

Mrs. Bräumelova

Pictures in this article are taken partly from Mr. Bräumelova 🙂


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