Kuala Lumpur – and at midnight they roll up the sidewalks

Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur

As I heard for the first time that nothing is happening in Kuala Lumpur I did not believed it. I was sure it was not true so I actually wanted to stay there longer as one night. But the guys I was traveling with were explicit – we are staying one night. So we landed at the late afternoon in Kuala Lumpur and after half an hour we were in the city – at least on the central railway station. The first challenge was to find he proper train that is going to take us to the Petronas Towers. After half an hour disoriented search finally we got the right train. In our defense I want to mention that in Kuala Lumpur there are three separate public transportation systems, which cover only certain stations and meet in the city.


My first impression from Malaysia coming from Bangkok was … dark. Having all these colorful dressed Thai people friendly smiling all the time and one hour flight away later dark streets, dark dressed people, women wearing veils, no music, no fun was a heavy contrast for me. My husband booked the Traders hotel just in front of the towers in order to be able to take pictures until late :). So we checked in and went to meet our friends who stayed at another hotel. It was already late as we were sitting in front of the towers and chatting about Malaysia. When it happened exactly at midnight they just turned off the lights …

Petronas Towers - without lights
Petronas Towers – without lights

… and the nice view we had from our hotel room was gone at least for the night 🙂 The last trains were gone too – no public transportations after midnight in the capital city of Malaysia and non of the taxi drivers was willing to turn on the taximeter. So we decided to go and have at least some drinks at the hotel bar. Obviously the only one bar open at this time. At least we had sunny clear weather at the next day or at least untill noon so we used the time to chill out and take some pics.


However we were not in the mood to explore more of the city than the area around the convention center. We just wanted to reach as soon as we can our next destination – Melaka.


One thing that I absolutely don’t liked were the public toilets. Quite unattractive and quite wired. Here some curiosities from the Malaysian toilets.


This is the short story of our journey through Malaysia. And now I know there is really nothing interesting going on in Kuala Lumpur compared to Bangkok.

everything is forbidden
everything is forbidden

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