Hi my name is Ina – that’s how my fiends call me. Thank you for stopping by on my lifestyle blog and leaving comments! I think you are interested in learning more about who I am? A better question would be – Who am I – and if so, how many? The answer is at least three or four – engineer, designer, traveler, foodie, …

I am a software engineer by trade. Born in Bulgaria and living in Stuttgart, Germany since many, many years. I love this city – it’s my adopted home.

Mrs. Bräumelova this is also me. The name is not my real surname but a combination of my current family name and my maiden name. Actually it’s my husband’s invention. For sure you are familiar with the Brangelina concept which comes from Brad + Angelina. So is Bräumelova = Bräumer + Nikolova. It was suggested by my husband as our family name as we got married. Instead of having a long compound name or choosing either – unfortunately such combination are not allowed in Germany. Nevertheless Bräumelova as combination between Germany and Bulgaria is representing me and my lifestyle at most so my choice was easy.

A big part of my lifestyle is my addiction to design and designing goods from different materials preferably fabric. I’ve been into it ever since I was a child. I learned sewing on my grandmother’s sewing machine. I was looking over my mothers shoulder as she was designing patterns for her and our clothes. I was organizing „fashion shows“ and stage performances with my cousins and friends for all retired persons in the neighborhood. During my studies at the University out a t but nowadays I have more free time and I am designing goods again – for me, for my fiends, for my family, and maybe for you?

After I moved to Germany I discovered my passion for adventures and traveling. In the last 12 years I had the opportunity to visit so many countries, to meet many new friends, to get fascinated with new cultures and to broaden my mind. My passion for traveling is intensified by my husband, who has done already his round-the-world trip years ago before we met and is yet a passionate traveler. Traveling for me means inspiration, recreation and diversification.

I love to cook and eat. I love to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. I am excited to learn more about the cultural background of the food and the people. My interest in good food arose from my discovery that German supermarket tomatoes do not taste like Bulgarian home-grown tomatoes which I was used to. I am born in the city but country-bread by my grandparents at the countryside. I inherited their affinity to tasty home-made food which was naturally to me in my childhood. I missed it very often in the first years as I came to Germany and rediscovered it for me in the last coupe of years.

I would be happy to inspire you with my design, recipes or travels!

Have fun reading and commenting!

Mrs. Bräumelova

Mrs. Bräumelova

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